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It seems an unusually appropriate time to launch a movement designed to achieve more effective global governance. We have ongoing US acts of aggression against China in both a trade war and its latest involvement in an attempted colour revolution (as in Ukraine) in Hong-Kong. We have India moving to turn Kashmir into another Palestine. We have Iranian tankers being seized by British Marines in the Straits of Gibraltar and the retaliatory seizure of British tankers by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the Straits of Hormuz. We have the Venezuelans being blockaded and suffering real hunger. Meanwhile, the West weeps crocodile tears and seizes a cargo of soya beans in transit through the Panama Canal destined to alleviate that hunger. Meanwhile the world sits on the edge of uncontrolled climate change and all the media is full of the imminence of the next global recession. etc.etc.etc.

Is it not an appropriate time to start demanding a better system of governance for the rapidly expanding human population of planet Earth?

To catch up on the previous few blogs relating to the start up of Paddle now go to www.khakispecs.com and start reading at Blog No 171. However, there is little there that is not already available in this Paddle Now website.

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