It is now two weeks since this site was launched . What is the progress to date?

Approx fifty organisations have been approached by email.

Six are overseas groups concerned with global governance . The three that have replied so far have all decided to list on the site.

Twenty-two are concerned with Climate and Environment. Of the four that have replied so far, one was an instantaneous rejection, two are consulting with colleagues, two have said they will join and the remainder have not yet replied.

Twelve are concerned with Human Rights and Justice. So far, one is consulting with colleagues and no others have yet replied.

Eight are concerned with peace and the avoidance of war. One of these has decided to join. As yet, no response has come from the others.

Paddle Now plans to start its PR campaign to draw members of the public to the site once it has twenty or so organisations listed. Until then it will lack credibility when making approaches to the media. So far it has three groups up and posted on the site and four groups due to send in their details for posting.

Given the nature of voluntary groups and the need to consult among dispersed members, the delayed response is only to be expected. Paddle Now has every reason to be delighted with the response so far.

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