Peace & Conflict Resolution

The Website was released to the public view at the start of September 2019. To start with, what you see on this page will be a list of organisations, with a brief description of each and their web address.

Those listed currently have been chosen as random examples and are in no way fully representative of the many organisations working in this field.

The majority of those listed have not yet approved of their display on this site: (it seemed impossible to ask permission before the website was open to the public and the group in question could judge what was being proposed to them.) Those listed (and many others) will all be approached in the near future and those who approve will be asked to add their own photo of choice and a blurb of up to 150 words.



World Beyond War

World Beyond War is a US based, international organisation that mounts a significant and active campaign for peace. It has chapters in many countries – including New Zealand. Liz Remmerswaal Hughes, based in Hawkes Bay, is the driving force behind the New Zealand chapter. If you want to get involved you should start by contacting Liz Liz is a highly experienced peace campaigner. Here is an extract from her bio. “Liz Remmerswaal Hughes is a mother, journalist, environmentalist activist and former politician, having served six years on the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. The daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, who fought other people’s wars in far flung places, she never got over war’s stupidity and became a pacifist. Liz is an active Quaker and formerly co Vice-President of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Aotearoa/New Zealand. She has strong links with the Australian peace movement and the Swords into Ploughshares group.”  The NZ chapter is active and vibrant and offers an opportunity for Kiwis to add their weight to the difference that has to be made.


Anti-Bases Campaign 

A campaign against foreign military bases being established in New Zealand. Their presence endangers Aotearoa’s neutrality, drags it into conflicts in which we should not be involved and, in the case of spy stations, allows foreign agencies to penetrate our government and distort its policies. Harewood, Tangimoana and Waihopai are three bases currently operated within our territory either by, or on behalf of US intelligence agencies. It is ABC’s intention to persuade the NZ government to close down Tangimoana and Waihopai and restrict the activities of Harewood to civilian purposes only. From our website, you can see that we are mounting a vigourous campaign. To enable this to succeed ABC, welcomes more supporters and donors.

International – Nuclear Free Peacemakers

The NZ end of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN.)



Auckland Peace Action..

Active group trying to keep NZ military forces and war-material manufacturers out of overseas involvements.