Newsletter No. 42. The G7.

World leaders gathered on the beach in Cornwall for a photo on Friday, the first day of theG7 summit. Included in the summit were : Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister; Charles Michel, president of the European Council; US President Joe Biden, Yoshihide Suga, Japan’s prime minister; Boris Johnson, the UK’s prime minister; Mario Draghi, Italy’s prime minister; Emmanuel Macron, France’s president; Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission and Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor. (All attendees were white, except Japan, a virtual USA satellite, and their privileged positions were built during their years of colonial exploitation.

In short, the self-appointed rulers of this world of 193 nations – are Canada, the USA, Japan, the UK Italy, France and Germany. These national governments are ostensibly in command, but are recipients of very significant inputs from the Military Industrial Complex and sundry, well concealed International banking cartels. They are also increasingly at odds with each other. The Europeans are not happy with the US sponsored cold war with Russia and its increasing spill-over to interrupt the development of their trading relationships with China.

Out of a global population of 8 billion, the G7 represent 750 million – but those 750 million view it as their prerogative to make the decision and set the rules governing the conduct of the others.

For me the key decisions, or rather ‘announcements’) to emerge from the multi-pages of waffle, paved with good intentions, that emerged from the meeting were:

  • Open expressions of  hostility to China and Russia .
  • A lack of concern with multilateralism to balance the concentration on the welfare of the wealthy , G7 participants.
  • The two major initiatives (if they ever reach the realisation phase from this chaotic grouping,)   announced for the benefit of developing countries, were a proposed and significant increase of availability of Covid vaccinations and a generous sum to be spent on developing infrastructure in developing counties.( It should be noted that neither of these initiatives originated in a rush of altruism to G7 leaders ambitions. Both were in clear reaction to Chinese initiatives. This appears to be a blatant attempt to divert some of the PR credit gained by China and Russia to those powers that have seemingly little interest in the welfare of humanity.

Paddle Now Newsletter 38 Ukraine border Discussed events on the Ukrainian border. The Ukrainians announced they would retake Crimea. The Russians moved 75,000 troops to the border. Boris promised Ukraine a battalion of Paratroops to keep the Russians in their place! Biden promised Zelensky that the USA had his back covered and said it was sending a battle fleet to the Black Sea. Then the Pentagon did its figures. It stood down its forces and Blinken went to Kiev and told Zelensky he was to eat humble pie and cause no more trouble with Moscow.

A penny had dropped in the Pentagon. Russia had the military strength and the will to demolish NATO in Europe, should it ever wish to do so.

A major policy reevaluation now seems to be taking place. China has to be defeated. That is impossible while the Chinese/Russian alliance flourishes. Biden’s first trip after the G7 and NATO summits, is to meet with Putin. Haste is now the order of the day. How to drive a wedge between a Chinese/Russian alliance that over many years, idiot US policy- makers have done so much to promote?

We can expect all sorts of sweeteners to be offered. Not only, after such fervent opposition, is Nord Steam2 to be allowed to go ahead unhindered, but all sorts of arms-limitation agreements will be tabled. These, Russia has long been asking for.

Sadly, it will be hard going. The Wall Street culture of deal-breaking does not sit well in old-fashioned Moscow. It is most unlikely that Russia, without the most stringent safeguards, will trust a word that Biden says. The insults, false-flags, slanders, broken agreement etc. have gone on for too long for Russia to have any confidence in American good faith. Though some diplomatic advances might be made and the chances of accidental nuclear war reduced, the Chinese-Russian alliance will remain unshaken and unshakable.

 Global Governance

Lab Leaks  For anyone hoping to hear the truth about the origins of Covid, this is a sensible explanation as to why it will never be arrived at. 10 minute read

Environment & Climate Change

Covid emissions  Of significant historic interest: the effect of the Covid pandemic on carbon emissions.  Our competitive global governance system does not make for fast learning! 8 minute read.

Rebounding emissions  And what to expect now! 2 minute read.

Pest-free Aotearoa Good news on pest eradication. 4 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

Israel’s closing window The Overton Window turns against Israel. After so long, we might be on the cusp of a significant realignment. 5 minute read.

Assange reminder  It is too easy to forget – but this particularly odious example of the western elite’s suppression of the truth and of the fourth estate’s willing collaboration, needs to be continuously resuscitated. It is this sort of cruel injustice that allows western elites to hold their misinformed citizens in permanent thrall – so too the gormless unconcern of the vast mass of the population who have not the least concern about the ultimate implications. 3 minute read.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

After Netanyahu Israel’s next leader – going from bad to worse! 3 minute read.

The last item here is a letter written by an activist from a recently formed group concerned by the ever progressing encroachment of American owned Rocket Lab into NZ foreign policy. The aim of the US intelligence community would appear to be to manipulate a seemingly ill-prepared government  into undermining NZ’s nuclear-free status.  The arguments in the letter speak for themselves.

Date: Thursday, 3 June 2021 at 11:36 PM

To: <>, <p From: Manu Caddie <>>, <>

Subject: Outer Space and High-altitude Activities

Tēnā koutou – Stuart Nash, Phil Twyford, Nanaia Mahuta hoki


 As Ministers responsible for the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act, Disarmament and Arms Control and Foreign Affairs, can you please each answer the following questions:

 What are the timeframes for the review of the Outer Space and High-altitude Activities Act 2017 and how will citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand be provided with the opportunity to contribute to the review?

 Do you agree with the perspective of General John W. Raymond, Chief of Space Operations, US Space Force that “Space is a war fighting domain, just like air, land and sea”?

 Do you agree with Stephanie C. Hill, Executive Vice President of Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) for Lockheed Martin Corporation, a major shareholder of Rocket Lab, who recently revealed Lockheed Martin’s “Global Automated Target Recognition” processes large data sets supplied by satellites to find targets in seconds and enable remote killings anywhere on the planet, when she said: “With these AI-assisted applications, decision makers can close the kill web faster thanks to sensors deployed on tactical satellites, UAVs and other platforms from multiple domains”?

 Are you aware of the comments made by General John Hyten, vice chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff in February 2021 that “it’s important to realize that JADC2 [the Joint All Domain Command and Control system] and NC3 [the Nuclear Command, Control and Communications system] are intertwined because, well, NC3 will operate in elements of JADC2” and “The primary sources of nuclear warning and indications, aside from human sources and signals intelligence, are the infrared satellites known as DSP and SBIRS. They detect the flash from missile launches and feed that information to Strategic Command, which, together with Northern Command, analyzes the risk to the homeland and then makes a recommendation to the White House for a proportional and effective response. But those systems are, for the most part, highly protected and separate from conventional military data flows. That will change with JADC2 and the new NC3.” And do you accept that technology designed to control and target conventional weapons are often exactly the same technology used to control nuclear weapons?

 Given the missile targeting technology deployed in Rocket Lab payloads like the Gunsmoke-j mission and the fact that the BlackSky satellites in Rocket Lab’s latest mission have been confirmed by US military leaders as an integral part of the ‘All Domain Operations’ strategy being implemented by the various US armed forces to “dramatically accelerate their targeting capabilities”, and the fact these technologies can be used for both conventional and nuclear weapons, how did you think permission to launch these payloads is in any way consistent with both New Zealand’s nuclear-free legislation and the principles the Labour-led Cabinet set for space payloads launched from New Zealand that prohibit payloads not in the national interest including “payloads that contribute to nuclear weapons programmes or capabilities” and “payloads with the intended end use of harming, interfering with, or destroying other spacecraft, or space systems on Earth” and “payloads with the intended use of supporting or enabling specific defence, security or intelligence operations that are contrary to government policy”?

Why do the payload principles Cabinet agreed to include a prohibition on payloads that might harm, interfere with, or destroy spacecraft, infrastructure and “the environment” but do not prohibit payloads that might maim or kill humans? Does Cabinet therefore support payloads that contain technology intended to assist with destroying humans, just not spacecraft or the (non-human?) environment?

 Does Cabinet consider it acceptable for payloads to be sent from New Zealand that contribute to the development and refinement of technology used in weapons targeting and other communications used to maim and kill people provided that payload is not actually used in combat or intelligence gathering operations? Or if similar technology may also be used for non-military purposes, even though military purposes cannot be excluded, then that makes the payload totally acceptable?

 Is Cabinet happy for the weapons targeting and military communications technology being deployed by Rocket Lab for foreign companies and military agencies, to be used in conflicts like we have just witnessed in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in Yemen, Syria or wherever future conflicts happen? 

 Given you recently signed the Artemis Accords that set principles around the exploration of space including “the prevention of harmful interference in other’s activities”, and you claim to “take responsibilities of kaitiakitanga of the space environment seriously”, and you say you want to ensure the “space environment will be for the benefit of all, now and into the future” how can you allow technology specifically designed to “close the kill web faster” be deployed from Aotearoa New Zealand?

 Is this Government committed to the peaceful exploration and utilisation of Outer Space and high altitudes or does it just pay lip service to such platitudes and is really committed to ensuring Rocket Lab and other aerospace companies are able to work for whoever they need to in order to have a space industry based in Aotearoa New Zealand?

 I look forward to your individual responses.

 Ngā mihi,



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