Newsletter No. 41.


It was not until the Eighteenth Century that the idea dawned in Christendom that not all God’s creations were immutable. Enlightenment science proved that a large number of species, though created by God, had subsequently become extinct. Science soon followed this belief-shattering discovery with the theory of evolution: that different species would prove more adaptable and have better survival chances than others. 

It was not a great leap for western nations, seeking to justify their most unchristian system of colonialisation and capitalist exploitation, to develop an almost universally held pseudo-science that humanity was composed of different sub-species, some more adaptive and better designed (entitled)to thrive, while others were doomed to ultimate extinction. But a short mental leap, and justification could be found for helping Nature on its way and cleansing good land of inconvenient  ‘primitives’ such as the American Indians and Australian Aborigines, who were inconveniently occupying prime real estate that God had allocated to other peoples he had chosen.

When did such inhumane, scientifically unfounded notions, finally dissipate? It is less than seventy-five years ago that primitive, German and Swedish geneticists, were still hard at work with their craniometers and calipers. No wonder that humanity is still encountering throw-backs memes! Some in Israel are still striving to create a unique and imaginary ethnic identity and establish an Apartheid state on that basis. Tarrant, Breivik, America’s police departments and white supremacists continue making the headlines in western polities with their irrational and unscientific acts of hate and violence.

To see this systemic racism working out in practice, you need go no further than look at the uneven distribution of Covid vaccines around the world – with Israel at the top of the pile and Palestinians at the bottom. This is how old-fashioned racism is still shaping our world. In a Jewish theocracy, it would appear that gentile lives mattered less. Possibly, as the American Indians once were, today’s Palestinians are seen by significant numbers of Israelis as simply an inconvenience scheduled for ultimate clearance, or elimination.

(It should be noted that Israeli discrimination is based on a cultural meme rather that an ethnicity defining gene. To my mind, that is considerably less odious than a genetic stereotyping about which the victim can do nothing. At least (to set the cat among the pigeons) the Palestinians could convert to Judaism! Vaccine distribution  2 minute read

Global Governance

Greed is good!  A must read explains where the Covid vaccination roll-out has come to greed – and how (shock horror) China and Russia are about to correct matters. 4 minute read.

 Lavrov speech Sergey Lavrov tells the UN Security Council the role it needs to perform and isn’t. 5 minute read.

Environment  & Climate Change

Law is not an ass Extinction Rebellion’s victory in British court. 3 minute read.

Ammonia as shipping fuel  A promising technical report on the viability of ammonia as a fuel for cargo vessels. 8 minute read.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

China might retaliate Alarm in Washington: China is developing the means to retaliate after a US first-strike! 4 minute read.

Australia takes on China Australia’s integration with US anti-China strategy. 7 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice.

Vaccines for wealthy kids Wealthy countries give vaccines to 12-year old, who aren’t at risk, while in the developing countries the unvaccinated are filling cemeteries. 3 minute read.

Bloomberg’s vaccine tracker   Global vaccine roll-out: latest statistics – Bloomberg. 3 minute read.

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