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Botticelli: The Birth of Venus.
A reminder that there are aspects of our civilisation in which we can take great joy.

It has been an interesting fortnight in which NZ has finally come off the fence and announced that it does not agree to have its policy towards its main trading partner, determined by Five Eyes members with completely different national interests – and seemingly more interested in conflict than in peaceful coexistence.

I am currently reading a just published book by Vincent Bevins ‘The Jakarta Method.’ It is a well-informed and easy to read description of how, after the fall of the old-fashioned, ‘white’ empires, the newly freed colonies, after a brief interlude of heady freedom and third-world neutrality, were re-subjugated by the USA.

The ‘Jakarta method’ was applied in multiple unfortunate countries (Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Argentina, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, etc.) but takes its name from the most successful and most bloody  of all such campaigns. The US military and CIA formed alliance with the traditionally conservative, Indonesian armed forces, landowners and religious authorities and urged them to ‘eliminate the commies.’  The British and Australians helped where they could. After more than a million Indonesian nationalists (aka ’Communists’) had been eliminated with kill lists provided by the USA (and at least another million incarcerated) the USA immediately organised a splendid trade conference that allowed US companies to occupy all the most lucrative spots in the Indonesian economy. Indonesia was safely secured behind a violent, pro-American military dictatorship. The heights of its economy were transferred to foreign ownership and the political system gradually allowed greater freedom of expression – provided it remained firmly within the American ‘rules-based-system.’

(As an aside note: after three and a half centuries of absolute Dutch rule of the Indonesian archipelago and an endless convoy of treasure ships carrying rich spoils back to Europe, less than  5% of the population that had finally, thanks to  Japan, expelled its Dutch overseers, was literate.)

It is this continued white dominance of the ‘coloured’ economies that is now being challenged by Chinese economic success. After so many have been killed in order to achieve this privileged position for the former colonial powers – why should they be unduly troubled by a few more million being added to the toll and the telling of a few porkies to grease the wheels?

Given a few more ‘white’ allies having NZ’s courage to back out of the war being so busily mongered in western capitals – and it might never happen.

Outraged by my ravings? Read the two hyperlinks under Peace & Conflict Resolution.

Global Governance

the Pente Cost   Across the ditch, the age of unreason is at hand!            2 minute read.

Decoupling  Decoupling the Eastern and Western economies: spitting the dummy and refusing to play the game. The west is in danger of inflicting more self-harm than it inflicts on its opponent. Everyone will suffer, but my guess is that western economies will suffer more than Asian. 4 minute read.

Environment  & Climate Change

COP 26  The UN prepares for COP26. We need a disaster o strike a sense of urgency into the minds of powerful statesmen more concerned with confrontation rather than cooperation. Here we have Boris Johnson stepping up to the lip service while, with no concern for carbon emissions sending aircraft carriers on anachronistic gunboat diplomacy missions to threaten the Chinese hedgehog with his bare bum. 4 minute read.

Coral collapse    Until there s effective global governance and cooperation over global warming, these polyps are doomed. A fat chance there is of such global goodwill and cooperation happening in the midst of the Biden administration’s determination to fight a cold war with the major Asian economy! 3 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

Apartheid  And sure enough, ultimately, Apartheid Israel will come apart at the seams – but there is much more violence and refusal to accept compromise, or mutual humanity before we get to that happy spot. Meanwhile this gigantic Middle Eastern Gloriavale will continue on its mission of spoiling others’ lives. 4 minute read.

Arundhati Roy We so need India to join the Quad – so let’s accuse China , not India of misgovernance and crimes against its citizens.  10 minute read.

Patent rentiers  Changing west-centric pharmaceutical IP protection agreements. 2 minute read.

Peace and Conflict Resolution

Film Review  Fascinating review of a film that is so appropriate for the current age: the confrontation between China and the West is all about the wealthy White nations fighting to retain the economic privileges that accrued to them during (and post ) the age of white imperialism. 4 minute read.

Preserving Privelege  By chance, the most recent Khakispecs blog dealt with this problem of Whites’ entitlement. 5 minute read

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