Newsletter No 39

Newsletter No.39.

Biden’s Climate Change summit.

I have no wish to belittle Biden’s attempt to lead his country back into the forefront of the universal struggle to control the impending climate disaster. At least the USA will now be leading in a way which prevents such satrapies as Brazil finding excuses for inaction. Biden’s stated motivations are to seek economic benefit and more well-paid American jobs from the campaign he is hoping to embark on. Biden is right, selling such a campaign on its benefits to humanity as a whole, is probably not the right approach to the US public..

The future of humanity (and of too many other species) depends on cooperation and coordination between the statist Chinese system and the ‘free enterprise’ system favoured by the USA.  As an indicator of the extent of the urgently called for conciliatory and empathetic state of Biden’s thoughts, he has instigated fresh accusations and sanctions against both the ‘murderer’ Putin and the ‘genocidal’ Xi. Nevertheless, at face value, the President’s climate change policies come as a breath of fresh air after the world has dallied too long in the furnace of Trump’s ignorance.  Hope and optimism are waiting to burst forth. Though wishes and good intentions come cheap (and offer immediate PR returns) they fall short of achievements.

 Judging by past performances, one can have confidence that China has enforceable plans to meet the targets it announced at Biden’s virtual summit. (20% renewables by 2025: emissions peak in 2030: carbon neutral by 2060.) Biden’s recent promise was for a 50% reduction by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050. The question is “‘Is the USA’s political structure as capable of achieving its targets as is China?”

No doubt Biden’s intentions are honest – but the USA is not China. Biden promised to stop arming the Saudis in their war against the Houthi (over 200,000 dead so far.) It now turns out that the US contractual assistance to keep the Saudi air force and navy operational remains unchanged. Thanks to the lobby power of the USA’s MIC, the starvation-causing blockade on the Houthi’s port at Hodeidah will continue. Likewise in Afghanistan: it now transpires that despite the appearance of Biden’s assurances, the current American uniformed garrison, when withdrawn, will be replaced by around 18,000 American funded ‘civil contractors.’ (Spooks, mercenaries, drone jockeys etc.)The civil war and the suffering will continue.

The difference between the two parties on climate change is that the Chinese government is in a position to deliver on its promises, whereas there is good reason to doubt the American government is in a similar position. The all-powerful US Military Industrial Complex has to be fully behind Biden’s ambitions if they are to succeed. Given the MIC’s multiple attempts to be exempted from previous emission targets (Kyoto, etc.) one can have little confidence that it will be as fully cooperative as necessity and such huge ambition calls for.

Global Governance

Chips with everything Brain implant anyone? We should all be having lots of fun by 2030. 5 minute read

Biden’s ambition for China A long article. Perseverance is warranted. Failing a nuclear war, it lays out the long-term likely outcome of a US v. China competition. 8 minute read.

Environment & Climate Change

The Nib’ Comic strip – but on rather a sombre note. 6 minutes ‘fun.’

Container return 45 Countries already have advanced and effective container  re-use schemes. NZ’s plan to join them is floundering. 5 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

What genocide is Two leading international lawyers give their verdict on US allegations of Uighur genocide. 4 minute read.

Combat Uighurs   Meanwhile the USA has a separate agenda for making use of ‘genocide.’ My guess is that these heroes are funded from heroin sourced by the CIA from their neighbours in Afghanistan. 5 minute read.

Self-harm Self-harming in academia. 9 minute read.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

18,000 contractors to remain: see last Newsletter – the MIC will find a way.” The Taliban’s ‘freedom fighters’ might believe they have won but, as Trump found when trying to withdraw from Syria, forces within the USA, will do all in their power to keep their fingers in the Afghani pie. 5 minute read.

Change for Heroin traders More on the disappointment coming for the Taliban: the CIA won’t give up its heroin and the off the record fun & games the illicit income enables. Nor will it abandon its presence on a property that borders Xinjiang.  4 minute read.

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