Newsletter No.31.

Drones Scottish Style  Scottish Hogmanay  celebration   5 minutes of brilliant viewing.

Happy 2021! Something to look forward to.

The start of a new year and a new government. Unprecedented threats hover over New Zealand. At the T-junction, will the government opt for caution, or risk bold initiatives? Choices  8 minute read

Global Governance

NZ No 4 The ten countries most advanced in achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals. NZ, followed by Sweden, comes in at No. 4 – after Norway, Denmark and Finland. 3 minute read.

Digital Yuan  At last, an end in sight to the USA’s sanctions and its abuse of the monopoly power of the US Dollar. 3 minute read.

Democracy NGO Democracy Without Borders is probably the NGO most active  in advocating  more effective global governance. There is a brief intro., followed by a series of articles from which you can pick whatever interests you. 1-30 minute read.

Environment & Climate change

Hydrogen cars  Japanese progress to a hydrogen fueled car in NZ.   2 minute read.

USA good news Some good news. Despite Trump, the USA is waking up to the dangers of climate change and the need for mitigation. 5 minute read.

Rain-maker  Weather modification in China. 3 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

BRI Possibly an overly-enthusiastic view of China’s Belt & Road Initiative and its ‘partnership,’ as opposed to ‘alliance’ diplomacy as instruments for lifting poor countries out of the capital/colonial poverty trap. 5 minute read.

Nanaia Mahuta   Virtuoso performance: Al-Jazeera interview with Nanaia Mahuta – is NZ putting its economic interests above human rights in its dealings with China? 26 minute watch

Peace & Conflict Resolution

Drones US style  If you can invent a new method of killing people in other countries, there is always a ready market in the Pentagon. 3 minute read.

Warmongering    The Chinese threat explained.  2 minute read

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