Newsletter No. 28.

The’ Banana’

Palestinians having to bend over backwards to assert their rights

It is too early to be saying much about the new government’s approach to foreign affairs.  We have to hope that it will progress beyond its predecessor’s reliance on NZ First. It needs to be more directed towards pro-active diplomacy for global peace and cooperation and less towards the appeasement of the USA in its futile but hazardous bid to retain dominion over China.

If NZ is to preserve its reputation for caring and kindness, one of the areas it has to address is its policies towards Israel and the prolonged agony Israel is inflicting on the natives of Palestine. Those responsible for developing NZ policy in this area should be aware of the falsification of the history on which such policy is so often based.

Judaism is a cultural/religious meme. However, the whole and considerable might of Israel’s propaganda machine is devoted to persuading Jews, Israeli citizens and world public opinion that Judaism has an ethnic basis linked to possession of a Semitic gene. This falsehood gives ‘legitimacy’ to the Zionist project. It ‘justifies’ the colonization of the Holy Land and the displacement and brutalising of its indigenous, Semitic inhabitants. The grounds, that it was the colonists’ ethnic homeland on which the Palestinians were squatting, are delusionary in some cases and cynically fabricated in others.

This is not a subject on which many can offer honest opinions without attracting the slur of anti-Semitism. The Zionist state of Israel has made an art-form of stifling criticism of its egregious abuses and criminality, by falsely equating Judaism with Zionism. Those who would criticize Zionist Israel are routinely pilloried with accusations of racist anti-Semitism and, by implication, approval of the Nazi holocaust. I am impervious to that slur.

My grandmother (my mother’s mother) told me of her mother’s earliest memory in life. Sometime in the late nineteenth century, the Hirsch family was living in a tenement building in Yerevan. Aged three or four, my great-grandmother had buried her head in her mother’s skirts.  The building was full of cries and shrieks. Corpses from upstairs were passing the window. Her mother had locked the door. A scimitar came under the door struggling to lift it off its hinges. Her mother shouted “Go away, we are Jews.” The scimitar was withdrawn and a Turkish voice from the other side of the door said “We are so sorry to have troubled you – it is only those Christian dogs we are after.”

As, in the Jewish religion, you inherit your Jewishness from the maternal side, I can claim to be Jewish, so too can my sisters’ children, but, due to their gentile mother, my children cannot make the same claim.

I recently had a DNA test. Being Jewish, and having read Shlomo Sand’s controversial book on the ‘Invention of the Jewish People’   Amazon  (1 minute read) I was not at all surprised that my mother’s side DNA contained no DNA of Semitic or Middle Eastern origin. According to the test results, that side hailed from the Caucasus and areas east of the Caspian. This fits perfectly with Sand’s much disputed theory that a large portion of the eastern European Jews, now colonising Palestine, have no genetic connection to Jesus or Abraham, but were Jewish by virtue of the 8th Century conversion of the rulers of the Khazar Empire to Judaism. Khazars 3 minute read

Needless to say, as per the above Wikipedia entry, Shlomo Sand’s contention is disputed by Israeli scholars. Much of the argument for Israel’s legitimacy depends on his being wrong. However, my DNA supports Sand’s argument.

Human Right & Justice

The banality of evil   This everyday and banal occurrence in areas controlled by the IDF is selected at random as an example of multiple such abuses. For the vast majority of Israelis, Palestinian lives no longer seem to matter: impunity is guaranteed: no Israeli soldier ever gets charged. 3 minute read.

Getting the facts For those wanting to know more about the reality represented in NZ by the Israeli embassy in Wellington. 3-5 minute read

NZ Palestinian relations  In an ideal world! What could happen – but won’t. 2 minute read

Maori diplomatic initiative/  Christian dogmatism appears to have triumphed over the natural feeling that one might expect that one, once colonised, indigenous people, would feel for another undergoing the same trauma.  Would it be cheeky to ask what position Jesus might have taken in the matter? 2 minute read.

Global Governance

Nuclear prohibition The Treaty for the Prohibition of nuclear weapons comes into force – sort of! 3 minute read

Not just the three nuclear armed, but all NATO countries refuse to ratify the treaty. So too, do all EU states with the notable exception of determinedly neutral Ireland. So as not to unduly offend its EU partners, huddled under the French and American nuclear umbrellas, Ireland relied heavily on NGO’s to do its negotiating for it.

 Wise words of caution from Bob Rigg

“This is a cause for muted celebration. But the refusal by all of the world’s declared and undeclared nuclear powers to recognise and ratify the Convention could bring it crashing down before it can provide a meaningful focus for the push towards the utopian goal of nuclear disarmament.

A great majority of the Convention’s Member States will not be financially able to contribute meaningfully to the funding of a new organisation. The mostly very powerful and well-resourced declared and undeclared nuclear stares will do everything in their power to undermine it and to compromise its credibility.

I became a staff member of the Provisional Technical Secretariat of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 1993, some years before the 65 signatures required to trigger the entry into force of the Chemical Weapons Convention had been deposited.

But it was only at the last minute that the US and Russia, the two major CW possessors, deposited their instruments of ratification. We all understood full well that, if they did not ratify, even though the legal precondition for the entry into force of the CWC had been fulfilled, the CWC would implode, the Provisional Technical Secretariat would run out of funds, and the initiative would evaporate as though it had never existed.

Especially in the midst of the current international coronavirus budgetary crisis, which will further weaken the mostly impecunious ratifiers of this new Convention into the medium term, its future is by no means assured.

The struggle to reach the trigger point will, with hindsight, be as nothing compared to the long-term pitched guerilla battle that will be required if it is to graduate from the laptops of peace activists to being an effective, adequately funded and excellently managed international disarmament organisation. Many of these activists are afflicted by advancing years, with almost all lacking anything resembling a mass support base and active links to the up and coming generations of caring young people.”

The most pressing need is for the UN to become self-financing and no longer reliant on funding from interested parties. (Could be achieved through a Tobin tax, or fees for use or abuse of the global commons?) What Bob fails to mention is the unhappy ending of the OPWC. Once US funding had allowed it to survive, it was promptly subverted by US intelligence agencies and made to legitimise False Flags intended to undermine regimes in Iraq and Syria. Now, in the case of Russia, it appears to be being relied on by NATO to support apparently false claims about the Skripal and Navalny blood samples. And thus the American military-industrial behemoth swells its revenue stream!

Environment  & Climate Change

Climate change avoidance  Potential, without political will, is meaningless. 5 minute read

Hydrogen future  Entering the age of hydrogen powered electric vehicles: the first hydrogen-powered HGV’s due to appear on NZ roads in 2021. 4 minute read

Peace  & Conflict Resolution

Refuge-seekers How many refugees our western alliance has created. Summary: 1 minute read. Full report: 30 minutes read.

Creating war-narrative  At last! The truth behind the false Steele report that was used to instigate the Russo-phobic (and now the Sino-phobic) US media campaigns. 4 minute read

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