Newsletter No. 26

The beauty contest!

The recent UN summit of world leaders showed a world in total disarray. The Western ‘rules based system,’ based on social inequality, is now in open conflict (war by other means) with a Chinese communalist alternative that is challenging its economic and political supremacy.  The Americans use the term ‘ communist’ as a pejorative instrument in their propaganda war. However, though the Chinese Communist Party has retained the ‘communist’ title, it is simply the traditional name the Central Committee has used since its foundation. The reality has greatly mutated.

Chinese pundits refer to it as ‘A centrally managed socialist system that uses the wealth creating power of Capitalism to improve the quality of life of its citizens’. Whereas Marxist-Leninism-Stalinism –Maoism might have set out with the kindest intentions towards the generality of humanity (something that could not be said for capitalism) in practice it proved to be both economically and politically less inducive of human happiness than the alternative of democratic capitalism offered by the West.

China, having avoided the total collapse that the Russian communist system underwent, has remained at liberty to experiment and develop an apparently successful, hybrid system. There is not yet a generally accepted name for their new ‘ism’. And it should be noted that the new ‘ism’ has not finished its development. (Currently, Chinese economic progress seems to be dependent on the creation of disparities in individual wealth almost as, or as great as those in western democracies. If this tendency is not brought under control, it could yet have a destabilising effect on a society that places the greatest store on social stability.)

Despite the above caveat, the Chinese system differs from those of the generality of other nations that are also effective at using capitalism to create wealth. The Chinese Communist Party has greatly legitimised its rule by its use of the money generated by its version of a capitalist system to bring 800 million Chinese out of poverty and to improve the quality of life of all the citizenry. In contrast, most other nations (there are exceptions, such as in Scandinavia) use capitalism to increase the wealth of minority elites with a consequent enhancement of social inequalities.

Only recently, it dawned on the western elites that the mutating Chinese system, had the potential to escape from and challenge their domination of the global system from which they have long drawn so much benefit at others’ expense. The ensuing barrage of lies, fake news and propaganda about Chinese conditions, intentions and capabilities makes it extremely difficult for an observer embedded in a western style, democratic, capitalist culture, to form an accurate picture of what is happening in China.

Western governments’ hostility to the Chinese experiment is inspired by the self-interest of the wealthy elites that they have permitted to penetrate and corrupt their political systems.  Were governments free of such constraints, they would adopt a neutral or friendly position and give the Chinese government both feedback and encouragement, while monitoring its experimental progress.

It is true that the Chinese leadership, as a new entrant in the big-boys club, has been less than tactful in drawing attention to its ambitions before it had fully solidified its position. What is now certain is that those, who see their position as being challenged, will coalesce to put the uppity new boy back in its place. Fingers crossed that it is not WWIII that will ultimately emerge from the fog surrounding the Chinese experiment.

For anyone seeking a first-hand insight into unfolding events, I have added three revelatory hyperlinks from the UN at the end of this newsletter.

Global Governance

Bustani     And now, the world relies on the OPCW  to issue an unbiased and ‘professional’ opinion in regard to accusations that Russia used a nerve agent against the Skripals and Navalny!      1 minute skim; 10 minute read.

Changing the rules If the WTO rules don’t suit the USA , ensure the institution is hamstrung. 4 minute read.

J’accuse A world in disarray. 4 minute read.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

START  POTUS wants a new START. Moscow’s problem is that after the unilateral rescinding of the Iranian nuclear deal, any such  deal made with a US president, (and without full congressional support) is hardly worth the effort of negotiating This is especially so, when the negotiations are to be conducted under the ultimatum of one party insisting on a too hasty deadline. 4 minute read

Latest nuclear brinkmanship Brace for a mishap! While NZ, instead of daring to raise a diplomatic protest, gives comfort in intelligence gathering and with military satellite launches to the reckless criminals threatening its continued existence. 10 minute MUST read.

Environment and Climate

Hydrogen aircraft 4 minute read.

Population trends  Global population trends: some major rethinking called for. 5 minute read.

Trampling Micronesia   Micronesia pleads for elephants to stop fighting. 4 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

The Assange case is of prime importance to everyone interested in the suppression of governmental criminality and perversion of truth. Alas! The journalistic profession is largely too cowardly to defend itself from career- threatening superiors.  No apologies for two items on this key subject.

Assange trial  It is everyone’s right to the truth that is at stake. We are all in the dock alongside Julian. 8 minute read.

First Amendment A ‘CIA-suborned’ British court continues the blatant pervasion of justice as western journalists  choose discretion rather than valour in defence of their right and duty  to report the truth. 4 minute read.

Take your pick! – The world’s leaders review their ambitions to the General Assembly.

Trump speaks Trump’s speech to the UNGA.

Putin Speaks Putin’s speech to the UNGA

Xi speaks Xi’s speech to the UNGA

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