Newsletter No. 21.

Newsletter 21

Political cartoons: “Creepy, Sleepy” Joe Biden – The Mercury News

At first sight Biden is Trump lite. His molestation of available females seems restricted to entering too far into their personal space uninvited, whereas Trump admits to having seized them by the genitals. The world’s leading democracy excels itself in its ability to pick unsavoury and dysfunctional leaders to inflict on its own population and the rest of humanity. An Iraqi politician once said to me “Western democracy is a great institution: every few years you have the choice of drinking piss, or eating shit.” This time around, we will have to wait until we have smelled and tasted both (as we will) before we can draw comparisons and ascertain which is the most noxious.

Biden and Trump look equally appalling. Biden wants to attack Russia, while team Trump wishes to drag other nations into a cold war against China.  Both will keep supporting Israel in its crimes against international law and will continue bashing Iran, Syria and Venezuela for their disobedience. There is a marginal chance that Biden will be kinder on (or less hostile to) the climate The first two entries under this issue’s ‘Global Governance’ section will indicate what the world should be looking forward to if it continues to meekly accept America’s meddling in global affairs.

Global Governance

Biden’s American supremacy Past performance of the next President of the United States – that is if incipient dementia does not intervene. 5 minute read.

Call to arms Pompeo’s invitation to join the USA in relieving the Chinese people of their ‘freedom-hating’ regime. 24 minute watch: 10 minute read.

Legacy of imperialism I have inserted this here because I believe the European and North American populations’ too long preserved ignorance of the story Monbiot relates, presents a major obstacle to human progress. If humanity is ever to achieve the degree of empathy and cooperation required for escape from the existential traps we have fallen into, we need to take it on board.   is a site that merits regular visits. 7 minute watch.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

Biden’s Russophobia Scott Ritter on Biden’s Russophobia. 3 minute read

American infiltration Australian militarisation. 3 minute read.

Environment  & Climate Change

Animal trafficking Changes in the global wild-life trade.   Pity the Pangolin! 3 minute read

Methane budget    Global methane: expert report. 4 minute read.

Novel Sub-Arctic methane leak A mega, sub-Arctic dairy farm? 2 minute read.

What population explosion? You only need read the summary in the first section. The argument is that the fear of future global overpopulation is a myth – even with no black swan events, by the end of the century, it is likely to be around a billion less than today. 2 minute read.

Justice & Human Rights

The Palestinian solution   Pointers towards the implementation of a single state solution in Israel/Palestine. 5 minute read

Choosing your mates  As Roosevelt said of Somoza, Nicaraguan dictator: “He’s a bastard, but he’s our bastard.”  US and NATO’s Balkan ally’s organ-trafficking.  7 minute read.

Attacking the ICC Trump and Israel attack the International Criminal Court. 6 minute read.

One thought on “Newsletter No. 21.

  1. Joanna Santa Barbara says:

    Thanks, Hugh, for once again giving my mind a good shake-up! The article on Biden is quite depressing, and important for us all to know. The Monbiot video is horrifying. I do hope our own Baring Head isn’t named for the vicious Sir Evelyn. This material reinforces the calls by Maori for us all to participate in decolonisation education.

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