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There is no denying that the current POTUS is becoming ever more erratic (and obnoxious) as his re-election grows increasingly in doubt. The above cartoon, like so much from the USA, is too USA centric. Alongside the blasted Uncle Sam, should be ranged the blasted Earth and the countless other blasted ‘foreigners’ whose lives have been damaged by the spoilt child America has inflicted on them.

The tragedy is that there is little prospect of the rest of the world benefiting from Trump’s potential Democrat replacement.  Biden, the proffered saviour, has been selected by a most undemocratic cabal. He appears to be in the early stages of senile dementia and his puppeteers even more intent on China’s (and other unfortunate nation’s) destruction, than has been our Donald. New Zealanders have no reason to be proud that we have chosen these rogues as our allies. I like to think that even though Scomo and Boris have plumage in common, we, in New Zealand, are not birds of a feather.

Peace & Conflict Resolution

Stop -START The latest on the new START talks. The US will use China’s absence as reason to ensure the talks achieve nothing. China refuses to attend a summit at which two powers, each with thousands of nuclear warheads and one of which is clearly with hostile intent, endeavour to control its armoury of a mere several hundred.  Talks end but plan to resume in August. Still deadlocked: US wants China included, Russia wants France and UK included. 3 minute read.

Himalaya I consider this an important read from a very well qualified former Indian diplomat. Western propaganda works hard to paint Russia and China as ‘aggressors,’ whenever they take steps to defend themselves from the west’s own aggression.    4 minute read.

Environment & Climate Change

Leaky Wells Methane from defunct wells – a growing problem. 7 minute read.

Big Oil declines?   Fossil fuels in terminal decline? 4 minute read.

It’s happening!  Ten obvious signs of climate change. 4 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice

Skid-Row A quarter of the US population faces extreme poverty – and who cares?       3 minute read

Israel’s contribution Israel passes its police culture to US police forces – (or was it vice versa?!)             3 minute read.

Discrimination Racial discrimination against Israelis. 4 minute read.

Global Governance

The current, anarchic ‘system’ of global governance allows the sort of international lawlessness and ruthless exploitation indicated by these articles.

Syria again   Strangling the Syrian population for sour grapes. 3 minute read.

Ukraine screwed-over  Scott Ritter made his name while demonstrating, to Bush’s fury, that Saddam Hussein had no WMD. He is a seasoned reporter on matters such as NATO expansion and its consequent economic exploitation. 5 minute read.

Five Eyes The Five Eye system, to which NZ was a latecomer, is a highly secretive keystone of the USA’s attempt at global dominance. New Zealand, closer to Asia than Europe and with a strong and growing Maori influence, is not a comfortable fit in this select group of white, Anglophone colonising nations. 3 minute read.

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