Newsletter No.16.

Newsletter 16

Today’s introductory 2 minute video clip is probably already familiar – it serves as a light entrée to the heavy course of the current Covid-19 crisis and the direction it is taking.

Sadly, the neo-liberals’ view of economic reason is starting to prevail in most western economies. A premature easing of restrictions is occurring so as to ‘save the economy’ at the almost certain cost of not saving significant numbers of its participants.  There is far too much false optimism going the rounds – some of it, the fruits of manipulation rather than pure ignorance.

Though New Zealand is better placed than the vast majority, we need to be on guard when we listen to the siren song of those advocating a rapid return ‘to normality.’ In fact, should we opt for a return to the previous normality, we will be writing a lingering death sentence for all that we value in our civilisation. We need instead, to concentrate on creating a new economic normality. 

No doubt you are bombarded with articles about Covid-19: I have probably read over fifty on the topic. Of them all, this one, written by a Bulgarian, whose experience straddles both eastern and western economic systems, makes the most sense to me. I cannot think of a better way to spend 30 minutes if you wish to prepare for what the future is likely to hold. Realities Worth every minute of 30.

In the meantime our western society is up to its usual tricks. In the USA, as Trump struggles for re-election, he is intent on wagging the dog and doing what he can to stir up Sinophobia. The blame game (which Australia’s Scott Morrison and, to a lesser extent, NZ’s Winston Peters appear inclined to join) is set to grow heated. Trump and Pompeo maintain that the Covid-19 virus escaped from lab-experiments in Wuhan (while failing to mention that in part, the research was being funded by the USA.) Meanwhile China’s accusers steadfastly refuse to reveal the evidence they claim to possess. Batty       3 minute read.

Murdoch And the role of our media tycoons in this blame-gaming. 3 minute read

Never has it been more important to have the nations of the Earth cooperating against a common enemy and yet one party is determined to resist such arguments. The neo-liberal/neo-con confidence that their capitalist economic theory should, or will continue, despite its lack of resilience in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, appears misplaced. The hope is that the usually apathetic and readily deceived western publics will be motivated to find the leadership to save them from the greed and folly that is set to obliterate their future hopes.

Global Governance.

Community Perhaps the great yellow hope for humanity is the concept of “a community of shared future for mankind” that is inscribed in the Chinese constitution.  8 minute read.

Moonshine Trumps vision of galactic governance advances!     3 minute read.

Peace and Conflict

US nuclear The USA refines its nuclear strategy and gives itself further options for indulgence. The USA’s policy wonks seem to have failed to grasp how Russians work to a different past history to their own. It could prove to be a misunderstanding fatal for all humanity. 3 minute read.

Fiddling Wrestling in a burning house. 7 minute read

Environment and Climate

Client Earth An indication of the ecologically benign direction of Chinese policy is the story of Client Earth being retained by the Chinese government to instruct its local authorities in environmentally protective legislation. 4 minute read

Perovskites An exciting solar power breakthrough 5 minute read

Human Rights

Crimes The ICC claims jurisdiction in the case of Israeli crimes against Palestine. 2 minute read.

Strong principles Same old: same old. Dear Uncle Sam, where’er you go, so go I! 2 minute read.

White Racism A review of racism in the western world-view 9 minute read

3 thoughts on “Newsletter No.16.

  1. Leslie Bravery says:

    Thank you for this. I have just read ‘Coronavirus: Scientific Realities Vs. Economic Fallacies’ and, even if I read nothing else, your newsletter is invaluable!

  2. Budyong says:

    Georgi Marinov’s article is an excellent resource. Thanks for passing it on Hugh. I was interested in his reference to neo-feudalism in the final paragraph so here is a very good article on that subject from a website called “The American Prospect” that I thought you might appreciate.

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