Newsletter 37.

Newsletter No. 37



To translate in English:

“ The Great Way is— the world belongs to all; choose the virtuous and capable; build trust and goodwill; care for not only your own folks, love your own children, but also in society— the old has care, the strong are useful, the young can grow, the widowed, the sick and disabled are cared for; male has work, female has home; products are not thrown away, not necessarily owned by self; efforts are not wasted, not necessarily for self; work together for prosperity; thieves are not stealing, no need to shut the door.—this is WORLD UNITY!”

This ideal world view is still a universal value today was written by the Sage Li Ji. It was written 3000 years ago before Confucius time ( 551 BC—479 BC). Confucius (and Mao) drew wisdom from it.

Global Governance

Lula    Just a few years ago, Brazil had a burgeoning economy and was a valued member of the BRICS grouping, but on the wrong side of Wall Street. It paid dearly for its temerity. Here is how a colour revolution is conducted. Frantic  and vain attempts to inflict the same fate on both Russia and China are in full swing. 5 minute read.

UN’s Friends Friends of the UN – will NZ become one? (Most unlikely – for the same reasons Russian & Chinese Covid vaccines were not considered.) 3 minute read.

Vaccines  The roll out of Covid vaccines ‘like a run on toilet paper’ with the wealthy at the front of the queue. 3 minute read.

Peace & Conflict Resolution.

Launches/  Somewhere down the track it might be decided that New Zealand’s hosting of Rocket Lab and its membership of the Five Eyes could be seen as being incompatible with its remaining party to the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.    2 minute read.

UK Nukes – and this action is most definitely not consistent with Britain being party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty! 2 minute read.

Afghanistan for ever  The real reason why the USA will remain in Afghanistan  – to threaten China’s silk road and destabilise Xinjiang 3 minute watch.

Human Rights & Justice

Whack-a-Uighur  New Zealand’s government joins the West’s chorus of human rights accusations against China. No thought of setting right the problems of poverty, inequality and housing (of which we have accurate knowledge) in our own glass-house, before we throw stones at China’s domestic problems. These generalised allegations are based not on observed fact, but on hearsay emerging from US and UK propaganda agencies. Caution to the wind and ignorance no obstacle! 2 minute read.

Navalny  Poor persecuted Navalny! The most detailed report yet on the faked basis of the West’s imposition of its latest round of sanctions on Russia. 15 minute read.

Environment & Climate Change.

Hydrogen   Gulf states hedging their bets with investment in hydrogen. 3 minute read

Whack-an-Activist Climate change activists in jeopardy as India slides from democracy to theological autocracy and civic violence. 20 minute read.

Bioplastics   3 minute read

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