Anyone alert to the world around them will be aware that rapid climate change is now under way. That it should be ignored and remain unaddressed, is to the short-term benefit of certain privileged elites. However, should it continue to remain inadequately addressed, for the vast majority of humanity and for most life on Earth (including those selfish elites)it will spell extinction within several generations.

The current International system is based on a concept that nation states should be fully sovereign and that the most powerful of them should have the ability to ignore, or plunder, the interests of the less powerful. The rudimentary system of global governance is not constituted to be able to rectify the social strains between nations that will be imposed by rapid climate change. These, combined with the recent advances in weapons technology and economic conflict, will accelerate the approaching social collapse.

For both the individual citizen and their nations, the necessary changes to the existing norms of economic life and international relations will prove difficult and painful. Attempts to bring about the required massive reformation of cultural behaviour and consumption patterns, will encounter vigorous resistance – both at the community and the international levels.

For the individual; you will be called on to implement the, now well-publicised, steps to be taken to minimise your physical impact on the finite material resources of the planet. At the same time, you should also be active in maximising your moral impact on the political decisions made within your society. Activism is the rent for your portion of the planet’s resources – to be paid on behalf of future generations.

There are literally thousands of different socially active organisations intent on ameliorating the human condition. You have an obligation to become active in at least one of them. In turn, these organisations, no matter what their primary concerns within the societies in which they operate, have a duty to advocate reform of the current international system of governance.

The current United Nations Organisation is in desperate need of reform or replacement by an organisation better suited to the task of saving the planet from the environmental destruction and life-destroying conflict now confronting us.

Accept the challenge, take up your paddle and become part of the movement for change!