Keeping Informed No 9.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday 21st January, dismissed youth climate activist Greta Thunberg’s call for global leaders to address the climate crisis by telling the teenager to come back to him after she “studies economics.” So long that she doesn’t study the US version of how an economic system should work!

There is so much hate, greed and lack of empathy among those elected to power in western democracies that one has to question the efficacy of current electoral systems, or the quality of the information passed on to the electorate by the media. In New Zealand, we are fortunate: Jacinda’s plea for kindness stands out for its divergence from the norm.

Human Rights & Justice  What the Cyprus rape case tells us about justice in the EU and the deep penetration of Israeli influence. 3 minute read Growth at all costs – two cultures meet head-on. 3 minute read\ New Zealand needs to put its own house in order. 12 minute read – and well worth it!

Peace & Conflict Resolution One gets the impression that for the American elite, war is fun and games: for their opponents, it is a matter of life & death. For the Pentagon, it is about taking war to its opponents: for its opponents it is about protecting themselves from a determined and ruthless aggressor. 10 minutes read. I wonder how many US servicemen will lose their limbs as a result of this decision? 2 minute read. The USA is headed determinedly in the direction of war preparations, while seemingly uninterested in negotiated arms control. Thanks to NZ’s Echelon membership, the USA is its ally and NZ, a fully implicated accomplice. 2 minute read. A useful reference. The UN’s role in peacekeeping and conflict resolution. 1 minute – or much longer should you wish to delve!

Environment & climate Change Compared to its trans-Atlantic competitor China is doing exceptionally well –but not well enough. The argument for reformed global governance is perfectly illustrated here. Why should China restrict its economic growth while there is no global polity able to prevent its American competitor taking advantage by ignoring climate change?            5 minute read Flight-shaming is a growing trend and a problem for New Zealanders needing to travel overseas. Give it a few years and it will dent the burgeoning NZ tourist industry. 5 minute read – but the first minute is the most useful. Our Australian siblings have a lot of work to do!  3 minute read

Global Governance  I am unsure how to categorise articles dealing with the media and the misinformation fed into and out of it. I’ve decided on ‘Global Governance,’ as the consequences of such media manipulation are felt around the globe. 4 minute read.  And this is how the Murdoch media empire manipulates the Australia electorate – and its contribution to the wild-life barbeque! Al Jazeera video clip – you need only watch the first section.   10 minute watch

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