Keeping Informed No. 8.

 Newsletter No 8.  Good news: we have 40 seconds before we have one minute left!

So far this decade: so bad! Australia, our closest ally and neighbour, faces rampant environmental problems that its leaders have long been unwilling, or unable to address. The USA, the other ally to which the NZ Defence Force is currently snuggling ever closer and on whose protection NZ predicates its defence strategy, exhibits the most blatant disdain for human life, justice and international law.

President Trump openly boasts of a premeditated murder, that, but for the restraint of the Iranian leadership, might well have proved the 21st Century’s equivalent of the 1914 Sarajevo assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand. Given the ‘beautiful’ weapons and best armed forces of which he boasts, our unnatural ally could well have triggered a holocaust even more destructive than WW1. In the words of the leader of our free world alliance “The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World!” The ‘BEST’ may be open to challenge, but even if unjustified by reality, such beliefs can lead to extinction-threatening adventurism. Do New Zealanders want to be accomplices: are we really birds of a feather?

The first month of the new decade has clearly illustrated the problem facing all readers of this newsletter. Many, possibly all, human communities are not going to survive unless they can develop multilateral governance mechanisms that can control the selfish greed and aggression of rogue nations. Such a mechanism could be built around a reformed UN. Should that prove impossible, thought has to be given to building such a mechanism around an alternative organisation. Possibly (should it be determined that the meek should inherit the Earth) a reinvigorated non-aligned nations movement could form such a nucleus.   

This is a question that needs to be a most pressing concern for the readers of this newsletter. The ambitions of their civil society organisations are directly affected by the international anarchy that is once again running out of control. Locked into alliance with a fast deteriorating empire on a fast deteriorating planet, the voices of NZ’s civil organisations, agitating for action and change, need to be strengthened. That can be achieved both by the commitment and flexibility of their leadership and by their increased support in members and donations from within the NZ community. The Paddle Now website was set up to assist in the latter – but can only begin its mission if it receives support from the NZ groups standing to benefit from its success. Please make 2020 the year of decision.

Environment  & Climate Change               Build floating communities and farm seaweed!   4 minute read At last, it seems that  the dinosaur has noticed its tail is snagged on a bonfire. 3 minute read 2 minute read

Global Governance The global financial architecture, weaponised by the USA, urgently needs restructuring. 3 minute read.  A UN sponsored online survey about the future of global governance. Open to everyone. Demonstrate the grassroots could care a damn. 4 minute read

Peace & Conflict Resolution The trouble is so many careers and other interests are vested in this out-of-control juggernaut. Officers eager for promotion in the days of British Empire would toast “To a bloody war and a sickly station.”  NATO, as an adjunct to America’s ‘defense,’  still relishes at least the prospect of war and is always eager to indulge in campaigns against lesser adversaries, no matter how far removed from the North Atlantic. NATO is now considering Trump’s request that it takes responsibility for the USA’s now unarguably, illegal occupation of Iraq.  5 minute read NZ, without public debate, gets ever more firmly entangled with the declining and increasingly violent and unpredictable American empire. Are there no alternatives?   15 minute read

Human Rights & Justice NZ’s Minister of Defence goes out of his way to prove his partisanship for Israel. Leslie Bravery, the author of this correspondence, posts a daily newsletter for Auckland’s Palestine Human Rights Campaign. (website temporarily inoperative due to maintenance.)                     7 minute read The leader of our rules-based-system setting the pace of its globally proclaimed regard for human rights.            4 minute read Free Mays abu Gosh! You can sign, but Israel will only observe its own laws until the UN acquires the means of biting back.         1 minute read

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