Keeping Informed No. 7.

The cartoon above is a fairly gross over-simplification! There is so much happening in the world today that it is hard to choose from among the multiple articles and the multiple crises. Choice is restricted by virtue of foreign news in the mainstream media almost all mindlessly repeating the contents of bulletins from just three press agencies. These dominant agencies have all been thoroughly penetrated by (and their owners happy to cooperate with) specialist government offices wishing to manipulate the public’s opinions in one direction or another. To avoid such duplicity, one often has to revert to alternative media and rely on one’s own judgement as to which source is best informed and most experienced in that particular field.

Over Christmas, Khakispecs posted a blog that refers to all the areas covered by Paddle Now groups: Global Governance, Peace, Environment & Climate Change, Human Rights & Economic Justice.  7 minute read

Global Governance National Doughnut ratings! 4 minute read How democracy is doing in the current world disorder. 6 minute read

Peace & Conflict Resolution Russian technological developments alter the balance of power. Perhaps a full nuclear exchange can be avoided. (For the opening paragraph, events have moved on!) 5 minute read  Lavrov’s authoritative Russian review of the current sorry state of arms control and disarmament negotiations. 9 minute read

Environment  & Climate Change COP 25 – comments on the underwhelming results. Keep on fiddling! 4 minute read  An interesting take on the Iraq/Iran crisis. The US dollar is safeguarded by ME oil funds: therefore climate change mitigation poses a threat: therefore policy is to hamper and preferably prevent mitigation.  9 minutes read More oil comes on line : oill is well with the world! 2 minute read.

Human Rights & Justice The prolonged attempted genocide in Gaza. Anyone interested in this subject should read the newly published “Still lives – a memoir of Gaza” by Marilyn Garson. In 2015, Marilyn returned to Wellington after a four-year stint in Gaza.  4 minute read. A left-wing view of the struggles in Nicaragua.  Rather long for a book review! 12 minute read

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