Keeping Informed No 3.

Keeping Informed No 3.

This fortnight’s newsletter starts with a hyperlink that offers a call to action that should be heeded by all NZ organisations concerned with the global future. It will do little good to paint a NZ masterpiece on a rotting global canvas.

Recently, Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND) has been counting the cost of developing and maintaining nuclear arsenals. At the same time it has asked how the money might be better spent. The Russia Insider hyperlink in the Peace and Conflict Resolution section, looks at what might be the costs of actually harvesting the fruits of this orchard so long and lovingly tended by the deranged.

Still no unsubscribes from the previous two newsletters: recipients are welcome to do so. I apologise for being such a persistent bearer of bad news!

Global Governance   A former NZ ambassador to the UN speaks out on the urgent need to reform global governance. 7 minute read.   Worth a read for an insight into the contrast between the vibrancy of the global governance movement in Europe and the almost total lack of concern in New Zealand. 2 – 30 minute read (depending how deep you dig.)

Peace and Conflict Resolution The inevitability of accidents as India and Pakistan expand their fleets of nuclear powered and armed submarines. 8 minute read 5 minute read The sad truth is that we, like Damocles, live with this sword dangled above our heads. Just one human error is required to break the horsehair from which the nuclear stand-off  is suspended. 3 minutes incl. video. For those who are interested in parables! 1 minute read

Environment and climate change,66m%20years%20ago%20has%20revealed.&targetText=The%20researchers%20analysed%20small%20seashells,three%2Dquarters%20of%20marine%20species  Ocean acidification: – a must read and  possibly the most worrying aspect of the impending ecological disaster. 5 minute read An exciting newsletter from Stop Ecocide, one of a Paddle Now’s first supporters. 2 – 30 minute read. 1 minute read

Human Rights 5 minute read. Dealing to whistleblowers in the USA. 3 – 6 minute read ‘Prosperity’ is measured against nine separate indicators of a society’s well-being. NZ comes second after Norway. As you go down the scale, the red zone indicates the countries most in need of assistance. A simple table over which you can ponder for more than five minutes.

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