Keeping informed No 2

Dabbling in the blogosphere: Newsletter No 2.

This is the second Paddle Now blog pointing out articles of interest from the different sectors. What these articles have in common is that they are indicative of problems originating in states other than New Zealand. The inadequacy of international law, as it currently stands, leaves concerned New Zealanders and the international community powerless to adequately address such actions and events.

The first issue of this newsletter was sent to fifty organisations active in the fields represented on the Paddle Now website. Ten went to organisations which have already registered; thirty went to those yet to make a decision and ten went to organisations that have, for a variety of reasons, declined the offer. Despite being given the opportunity, none of the recipients unsubscribed.

Several, kindly offered complimentary feedback. The newsletters will therefore continue and feedback and suggestions will continue to be welcome. It would take less than an hour a fortnight to follow all the hyperlinks from top to bottom, though not many will want to do that.

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Human Rights

Mossad chief comments on policy of assassinations in rare interview. Yawn: Israel has impunity.  2 minute read  For a post-Brexit UK, Human Rights count for little compared to the necessity of keeping in the USA’s good books. 6 minute read    New Zealand’s aid sector faces change. 4 minute read

Peace  Korean War – why it never ends. 5 minute read  Asymmetrical warfare between the USA and Iran. 4 minute read  On the transparent pretence of fighting an already dispersed ISIS, the US military stays in the Syrian oil fields, while pocketing $30 million a month in revenues from smuggled oil. The stolen revenue should be being used for Syrian reconstruction, but apparently the Pentagon has better uses for it. When balanced against $30 million a month, tax- and oversight-free, international law counts for nothing. That might is right might prove a mistake this time! 4 minute read

Environment  Let our kids fasten their safety belts! 3 minute read  4 minute read  Vulnerability of different species to frequency of extreme weather events. 4 minute read

Global Governance    Only a UN sponsored and upheld agreement between the nations concerned will prevent paranoia (such as the writer of this article appears to suffer from) ultimately leading to conflict and/or massive displacements of populations. The risk is lower on the Mekong, as the water, used mainly for power-generation, is ultimately released. It is a different story elsewhere where water is dissipated through irrigation: Turkey, Syria and Iraq: Egypt and Ethiopia: India and Pakistan. The threat of such water wars is going to be exacerbated by climate change. 6 minute read  A UN sponsored group that has the ability to bring the UN’s reputation into disrepute. The UN Human Rights Council needs a far different system of appointment than a choice between squabbling, self-interested states with questionable human rights records. 3 minute read The current system of global governance. 4 minute read

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