Keeping Informed No.11

We are entering a period of rapid change. In such a period, it is more important than ever that the activists (that still make up an almost negligible percentage of New Zealand’s total population) cover each other’s backs and know where each is coming from.

Environmentalists, who are not interested in the dangers of nuclear war, human rights and aid activists, who are not interested in the climate change that looks set to create so much more need and fear among their clients, cannot be fully effective unless other active groups accomplish their goals.

A recent Extinction Rebellion Facebook post arguing for the narrowest concentration on that vibrant organisation’s aims (the writer was very quickly put right by other members of the group) serves as a warning for such compartmentalisation. How much extinction would a nuclear winter presage?

All the addressees of this newsletter are in this together. The newsletter is intended to illustrate the concerns of activists in other sectors. If a hyperlink is old hat to some readers, it almost certainly won’t be to others.

Not all Kiwis are thinking and caring, but membership of the organisations to whom this newsletter is addressed have been filtered. By definition they are thinking and caring people and all members could well find some of its contents of interest.

Environment  & Climate Change (3) late than never! Australia starts to move on climate change.  6 minute read summer, nothing has pollinated my runner-beans. 4 minute read  “But the latest twists and turns in the Chevron case may also be particularly bad news for climate activists. A mere 20 companies are responsible for a third of the greenhouse gases emitted in the modern era; Chevron ranks second only to Saudi Aramco among them. And it’s increasingly clear that addressing the climate crisis will require confronting these mega-emitters, whose resources for litigation dwarf that of any individual.”  9 minute read

Peace & Conflict Resolution (3) is part of a very long established Israeli policy of paying no attention to international law.‘Rise and Kill first’ by Ronen Bergman gives an authoritative and detailed description of the techniques and policies behind Israel’s programme of assassination and murder outside its borders – one which, ever since Obama and (to a lesser extent) before, the USA has copied. How to poison your enemy’s toothpaste!   2 minute read. Members of IPAN (The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) are spoil-sports, who refuse to recognise the benefits the maintenance of this synthesised cold war has to offer.         1 minute read  The same story through the Australian government’s eyes. Billionaire Robert Murdoch’s Australian newspaper was positively drooling in its explanation as to why the oligarchs’ intended cannon-fodder should rejoice. 5 minute read

Human Rights & Justice (3) Famine stalks many lands in our inequitable world order. Climate change will exacerbate the problem. The world needs to get its house in order. 5 minute read Because countries do not cooperate, such situations are likely to get out of hand. Climate change contributes to the problem. “It is the east wind that has brought the spectre of famine now, too. In other words, we should have seen it coming. As well as historical precedent, the biggest clue was in the recent extraordinary weather patterns experienced in the traditional breeding grounds of the locust swarms that are now threatening to bring starvation to Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Somalia, Uganda and South Sudan.” (Asia Times.) 3 minute read The situation is not hopeless. Opinions and attitudes change over time. The cancer caused by the failure to establish a peaceable modus vivendi between Israelis and Palestinians has metastasised to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. In consequence, millions have died and millions more, well might. To consider the aggregate of human suffering and destroyed hopes, makes one weep. Given the UN’s, as presently constituted, inability to act as an effective arbitrator, it is not in the USA, but in the minds of the militarily predominant Israelis that a resolution has to be found.               5 minute read

Global governance (2)  Introducing Exterminism. Peter Frase’s “Four Futures” is a brief and interesting read.  3, or as many minutes as you want.  The New Zealand public stumble under a blindfold. At least New Zealand has Scoop as an independent medium. 14 minute read

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