Human Rights & Justice

The Website was released to the public view at the start of September 2019. To start with, what you see on this page will be a list of organisations, with a brief description of each and their web address.

Those listed currently have been chosen as random examples and are in no way fully representative of the many organisations working in this field.

The majority of those listed have not yet approved of their display on this site: (it seemed impossible to ask permission before the website was open to the public and the group in question could judge what was being proposed to them.) Those listed (and many others) will all be approached in the near future and those who approve will be asked to add their own photo of choice and a blurb of up to 150 words.

Amnesty International NZ

Extremely active for human rights in NZ and overseas. Some of the overseas interventions chosen tend to coincide with those chosen by the US State Department.

NZ Palestine Solidarity Network

An active and knowledgeable NZ body working to persuade the NZ government to choose the side of justice in the struggle between Palestinians and Israelis.

Oxfam New Zealand

A leading participant in the global war on poverty and inequity.

Human Rights Foundation

A NZ advocacy group primarily concerned with challenges to human rights in NZ – but also concerning itself with problems overseas.

‎Working to alleviate poverty as it affects New Zealand children.