Global Governance

The groups and organisations displayed on this page welcome support from New Zealand. The main assistance Kiwis can offer is through lobbying MPs to support their goals of better global governance and the development and implementation of international law.

Those listed have been chosen as examples of the many approaches to this problem and are in no way fully representative of the many organisations working in this field.

“The right to democracy transcends national boundaries.”

Democracy without Borders, (DWB) is an international nongovernmental organization based in Berlin. Founded in 2003, it advocates the “democratization and strengthening of the United Nations and other international organizations”.

Democracy without Borders is led by Andreas Bummel, a recognised author and leader in the global movement for better global governance.DWB is working with international partners and currently has chapters in four countries, Germany, Kenya, Sweden and Switzerland. Together with its partners, Democracy without Borders runs global campaigns and programs for a UN Parliamentary Assembly, a UN World Citizens’ Initiative and a Global Voting Platform.
With these programs, DWB is at the forefront of the efforts for global democracy.

Democracy without Borders is seeking to expand further to promote its cause more effectively across the world’s regions. Interest from New Zealand would be welcomed. For students, recent graduates and others, it offers opportunities to volunteer remotely to support its programs. Be in touch to explore options.


Democratic World Federalists 

“Peaceful, Just, Sustainable World”

The Democratic World Federalists (DWFED) is a non-governmental independent public interest think tank organization located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Refounded in 2004 after decades as the World Federalists Association of Northern California. The DWFED is focused primarily on organizational, systems, research, and media analysis regarding geopolitics, foreign policy, global trade, global security, and international law. We are analysts, businesspeople, educators, researchers, and trade-workers dedicated to making the world a better place through world federalism.

The Democratic World Federalists are led by Roger Kotila Ph.D. (president), Fritz Pointer (vice-president), Bob Hanson Ph.D. (treasurer), board members, and Etienne Bowie (director of administration and development). The DWFED is collaborating with organizations globally to prepare stakeholders for the changes to come with global governance.

The DWFED is working to improve the digital infrastructure of the world federalists’ movement. You can learn more about world federalism and other topics at our media sources: DWF News and the DWF Network, our YouTube channel.



World Service Authority (WSA.)

World Service Authority(R) (WSA) ( [1]), a global public service human rights organization founded in 1954, educates about, promotes, and implements human rights, world citizenship, and world law. The WSA is creating global institutions of law that will help humans live together peacefully with each other and the earth.

As a non-profit headquartered in Washington, DC, the WSA acts as the administrative branch of the World Citizen Government founded in 1953 by World Citizen Garry Davis.  WSA’s Documentation Department provides travel and identification documents to individuals around the world. WSA’s Legal Department provides pro bono advocacy to vulnerable individuals and groups such as people in refugee, stateless, and undocumented situations due to war, persecution, and environmental degradation. WSA’s Information Department conducts seminars and training on human rights and world citizenship and sponsors World Citizen Clubs on high school and college campuses, engaging students to become world peacemakers.

Individuals are encouraged to affirm their human status by registering as world citizens. When registering, you do not give up any lower level allegiance or citizenship. The registration page is located at [2]. Applications for other WSA documents, such as the World Passport, are located at Contact the WSA by email at


Association of World Citizens

“Earth is Our Common Home: therefore we must protect it together.” The Association of World Citizens is an international peace organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the UN organ facilitating international cooperation on economic and social issues. AWC Goals and Processes are:

1) To resolve armed conflicts through negotiations in good faith;
2) To defend human rights based on respect for the dignity of the person;
3) To promote ecologically-sound development;
4) To educate for global citizenship so that the people of the world develop a profound sense of responsibility for the Planet and for the well-being of the entire human family.

For those in agreement with this orientation and as a mark of commitment to work for the common good, the Association of World Citizens delivers a Certificate of Commitment and Individual Responsibility.

Simpol is an international effort to encourage politicians, parties, and eventually governments towards cooperation to solve the most pressing global issues of our time, such as climate change, fair corporate taxation, mass migration and so on.

By joining the Simpol campaign, citizens around the world commit to giving strong voting    preference at all future national elections to political candidates who have signed a pledge to impleent Simpol, to the probable exclusion of those who haven’t. Politicians who sign the Pledge thus enhance their chances of getting our votes while politicians who don’t risk losing to those who do.

Many MPs and MEPs from many parties and countries have already signed the Pledge, but to solve global problems, we need more! So please sign on to Simpol  to drive YOUR MP, Congressman or Senator to sign the Pledge. By signing on to Simpol, we’re making  ourselves AND our politicians part of the global political solution!

Simpol has active branches in many countries but not yet in New Zealand. Simpol would be happy to find someone to take on a leadership role in NZ.



The following is the  sole  NZ organisation active in this field , but has yet to provide further details for display:

United Nations Association of New Zealand (UNANZ)