First Trump; now Morrison

Gott mit uns

This will be a short blog. I ask readers to read this article after having read last week’s blog on Trump. Here

Australia under Morrison is a USA lite. As the USA’s deputy sheriff in the South Pacific, the Australian government is not quite as committed to climate change denial as the Trump administration, nor does it dare be as offensive to China as Trump has chosen to be. However, as is clear from his Lowy lecture, Scott Morrison is nearly as ardently committed as is Trump to the idea that his country should be under no obligation to international institutions.

While Trump relies for much of his support on evangelical Christianity, Morrison, as an ardent Pentecostal, embodies it. What this might entail for both Australia’s friends and foes is well explained in this article

To quote:- “Belief in Satan and the imminent return of Christ also helps explain the prime minister’s less-than-passionate response to the most pressing environmental issue of our time. It is not surprising that Pentecostal activism about climate change is non-existent – the end of the known world is not a matter for mere mortals to decide.”

While Australia (and the USA) is on the side of Jesus, it would appear that the UN is on the side of Satan – and so too must be Paddle Now.

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