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Newsletter 37.

Newsletter No. 37 大道之行也,天下为公,选贤与能,讲信修睦。故人不独亲其亲,不独子其子,使老有所终,壮有所用,幼有所长,矜、寡、孤、独、废疾者皆有所养,男有分,女有归。货恶其弃于地也,不必藏于己;力恶其不出于身也,不必为己。是故谋闭而不兴,盗窃乱贼而不作,故外户而不闭,是谓大同。 To translate in English: “ The Great Way is— the world belongs to all; choose the virtuous and capable; build trust and goodwill; care for not only your own folks, love your own children, but also in society— the old has care, the strong are useful, the young can grow, the […]

Newsletter 36.

 Semenivka, Ukraine, 2016. A house destroyed in the fighting.  Red Cross  the International Red Cross in Eastern Ukraine “Destroyed houses are common in Donbass. There are villages left completely destroyed, after the most intense battle. The ICRC employs teams of local residents with necessary skills, who have lost their job due to the conflict, to […]

Newsletter No.35.

Newsletter No 35. The Earthly Paradise by Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Museo del Prado The Paddle Now newsletter is addressed to those striving for an Earthly paradise: the fifty or so civil society organisations that represent the instruments by which New Zealand activists endeavour to engineer beneficent change in global affairs.  Without international cooperation (effective […]

Newsletter 34

The end of January saw the annual pilgrimage of an average of forty or so protesting citizens to the Waihopai spy base. Their protest is organised by long-term activist Murray Horton of the Anti-Bases Campaign. The remote, eavesdropping centre displays its elegant puffballs among the Marlborough vineyards – just ten kilometers from where this newsletter […]

Newsletter No.31.

Drones Scottish Style  Scottish Hogmanay  celebration   5 minutes of brilliant viewing. The start of a new year and a new government. Unprecedented threats hover over New Zealand. At the T-junction, will the government opt for caution, or risk bold initiatives? Choices  8 minute read Global Governance NZ No 4 The ten countries most advanced in achieving […]

Newsletter No. 30.

Paddle Now                       Newsletter  No.30. Leadership 3 minute read. Why are we surprised that the dogs of war, trained to commit acts of violence, having been unlashed, behaved like dogs. Though no doubt, the dogs will be duly punished, justice will not be done.  Their rampage is not the fault of the dogs themselves, but of their […]