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Newsletter No. 26

The recent UN summit of world leaders showed a world in total disarray. The Western ‘rules based system,’ based on social inequality, is now in open conflict (war by other means) with a Chinese communalist alternative that is challenging its economic and political supremacy.  The Americans use the term ‘ communist’ as a pejorative instrument […]

Newsletter No.25.

Newsletter 25 Trump in Paradise, Calif. The recipients of this newsletter are NZ activist groups that are reliant on multilateral cooperation if they are to achieve their aims. The main aim of the newsletter therefore, is to spread information about global developments. New Zealand’s interaction with such matters is largely dependent on whichever government is […]

Newsletter No. 22

Revisionist historians, such as Carroll Quigley and more recently, Gerry Doherty and Robin Brown, convincingly argue that WWI was long planned and deliberately instigated by a small group of British power-brokers. This elite group of aristocrats were inspired by Cecil Rhodes’ vision of a whole world profitably ruled as an Anglo/American Empire. Anglo-American Establishment The […]