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Newsletter 34

The end of January saw the annual pilgrimage of an average of forty or so protesting citizens to the Waihopai spy base. Their protest is organised by long-term activist Murray Horton of the Anti-Bases Campaign. The remote, eavesdropping centre displays its elegant puffballs among the Marlborough vineyards – just ten kilometers from where this newsletter […]

Newsletter No.31.

Drones Scottish Style  Scottish Hogmanay  celebration   5 minutes of brilliant viewing. The start of a new year and a new government. Unprecedented threats hover over New Zealand. At the T-junction, will the government opt for caution, or risk bold initiatives? Choices  8 minute read Global Governance NZ No 4 The ten countries most advanced in achieving […]

Newsletter No. 30.

Paddle Now                       Newsletter  No.30. Leadership 3 minute read. Why are we surprised that the dogs of war, trained to commit acts of violence, having been unlashed, behaved like dogs. Though no doubt, the dogs will be duly punished, justice will not be done.  Their rampage is not the fault of the dogs themselves, but of their […]

Newsletter No. 26

The recent UN summit of world leaders showed a world in total disarray. The Western ‘rules based system,’ based on social inequality, is now in open conflict (war by other means) with a Chinese communalist alternative that is challenging its economic and political supremacy.  The Americans use the term ‘ communist’ as a pejorative instrument […]

Newsletter No.25.

Newsletter 25 Trump in Paradise, Calif. The recipients of this newsletter are NZ activist groups that are reliant on multilateral cooperation if they are to achieve their aims. The main aim of the newsletter therefore, is to spread information about global developments. New Zealand’s interaction with such matters is largely dependent on whichever government is […]