The influence of the Paddle Now campaign will be in direct proportion to the number of allies it has to support its aims. As a civil group or organisation you are warmly welcome as an ally given the conditions below:

  • The national and international aspects of the Paddle Now campaign are generally compatible with your own values and beliefs. In the short-term, you support and are prepared to work towards at least one of the objectives below:-
  • You believe it is important for the maximum number of NZ residents, individually or within groups, to actively contribute to social progress within New Zealand.
  • You believe the NZ constitution should be improved to enable more citizen participation.
  • You believe the NZ media should, if need be, be publicly subsidised and legally obliged to inform the NZ public of their circumstances and their relationship to the world about them.

In the longer term:

    • You believe that rapid climate change threatens all countries. It can only be mitigated by giving a supranational body, such as a reformed UN, an independent revenue source and executive power over the seas and the atmosphere.
    • You believe a reformed UN, or similarly empowered supranational body, should be empowered to develop and preserve international law with a view to preventing the outbreak of hostilities between nations.

To become an ally of Paddle Now with an interest in recruiting new members and/or supporters for your group, please contact

If you let us have your web address, a suitable image and up to 150 words describing your activities and goals, you will be included under the main, home page category of your choice.