Personal happiness: getting involved. One of the keys to personal happiness is being involved with others working for the welfare of the community as a whole. This site contains a directory designed as an aide to finding the right group to fit your needs. 

Why Paddle Now? Paddle Now is inspired by the twin perils that most threaten humanity’s survival. Rapid climate change and high-technology warfare are global problems that will not be averted without the further development of international law and its enforcement by multinational institutions designed for the task.

Which organisations? There are hundreds of civil society organisations in NZ reliant on the support of private citizens. Paddle Now has restricted itself to listing those organisations active in areas where complete success cannot be achieved in New Zealand alone, but is also dependent on the actions and cooperation of others overseas.

Organisations in this category are those protecting the environment and combating climate change; lobbying for peace and conflict resolution, arguing for the  protection of human rights and justice (including providing aid for societies less fortunate than our own.)

Global Governance. Significant success in these areas is dependent on improved global governance and the strengthening of multinational institutions, such as the United Nations and courts, responsible for the development and implementation of international law.

This site urges New Zealanders to join and support one or more of the many NZ-based and international organisations actively striving to improve their country’s and the global future.

Paddle Now is devoted to helping groups, actively striving to improve their country’s and the global future, to strengthen their member and supporter base.

Paddle Now is not an activist organisation. Its advocacy for improved global governance, is only directed to the organisations listed in this directory and to readers of the site’s newsletter. It is left to each individual and group whether or not to join in the advocacy for improved global governance and mount a campaign in their own name.