Paddle Now is inspired by the twin perils that most threaten humanity’s survival. Rapid climate changes and high-technology warfare are global problems that will not be averted without the further development of international law and its enforcement by a multinational institution designed for the task.

Over the past three years, the threats have been articulated in an NZ-based blog Based on a selection of those blogs, a long-term plan to resolve those threats was recently published in “A country like New Zealand could save the world.”

The long-term goal of Paddle Now is to implement the plan set out in the book. The shorter-term goal is more modest: to persuade more New Zealanders to become politically aware and active.

This site will urge them to join and support one or more of the many NZ-based and international organisations actively striving to improve their country’s and the global future.

Paddle Now is devoted to helping these other NZ civil society groups strengthen their member and supporter base. Its advocacy, directed towards improved global governance, is only directed to the organisations listed and to readers of the site’s blog. It is left to each individual group whether or not to join in the advocacy and mount a campaign in their own name.