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Newsletter 37.

Newsletter No. 37 大道之行也,天下为公,选贤与能,讲信修睦。故人不独亲其亲,不独子其子,使老有所终,壮有所用,幼有所长,矜、寡、孤、独、废疾者皆有所养,男有分,女有归。货恶其弃于地也,不必藏于己;力恶其不出于身也,不必为己。是故谋闭而不兴,盗窃乱贼而不作,故外户而不闭,是谓大同。 To translate in English: “ The Great Way is— the world belongs to all; choose the virtuous and capable; build trust and goodwill; care for not only your own folks, love your own children, but also in society— the old has care, the strong are useful, the young can grow, the […]